The Institute for Maximum Human Potential (IMHP) is a human service and community economic development agency providing services to children in foster care, minors involved in the juvenile system, the learning disabled and families experiencing social, emotional and economically challenging issues. . Over the past twenty years, IMHP has taken a leadership role in delivering comprehensive services to at-risk families in under-served communities. Our programs take a holistic approach to provide best practices in case management and community development, focusing on capabilities of individuals and families with a goal of moving families beyond stabilization towards optimal functioning.

About IMHP


Through collective effort, IMHP’s mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and neighborhoods by addressing human rights issues in our community.  Our programs are built around strength-based principles, not individual, family or community deficits.  IMHP always strives to leave individuals, families and communities better than we found them.  As such, we envision sustainable communities filled with individuals and families who are better able to address problems of living holistically and appropriately.