A Message from our President and CEO, Delores Brown:

Through the “A Place for Everyone” Music Therapy Program, we hope to bridge a wide range of generational and cultural gaps in our society. In addition to being a provider of mental health and social service programs for youth and families, part of IMHP’s vision is to create an innovative concert series to promote inter-generational and cross-cultural engagement of our greater society.

We want to foster a welcoming environment where everyone feels invited to share in an indelible experience to engage in dialogue that breaks down barriers of age, race and culture. This is a place where children and adults of all ages can share moments of laughter and happy times. It’s a place where our artists feel supported and appreciated for sharing their special talents with us. At the heart of it all, this is a place where our understanding of one another is deepened and our capacity for tolerance refined.

We hope that you will have an opportunity to make new friends and become transformed by this remarkable experience and that you appreciate all of the artists who share so much of themselves each night they perform.

We look forward to you joining us again and again to share in the legacy building of the “A Place for Everyone” Concert Series.

The Institute for Maximum Human Potential holds as its motto, “Leaving individuals and communities better than we found them.” We desire to bring people together to promote legacy, growth, understanding and well being through music.

We have created the “A Place for Everyone” Music Therapy Program to enhance inter-generational and cross-cultural engagement of individuals, families, communities and our greater society.

“As a universal language, music unites people across cultures and can comfort people in times of need and sadness. Musicians see music’s tremendous power not only as a personal spiritual experience but also as a force for change, serving as a voice for social advocacy and/or enhancing mutual understanding between differing cultures.”

–Rich Coffey – musician, arranger, composer

Music Therapy Concert Program

The concert series proposes three concerts per year in which veteran artists will be paired with young aspiring artists from different genres/ethnicities/generations in a venue setting creating an ambiance that is energetic and inviting. This fosters opportunity for mentoring and encouraging relationships between aspiring and veteran artists to create common ground around arts.

Bridging The Gap

Multicultural students will have the opportunity to interview their grandparents about the music they listened to at their age. While, grandparents have the ability to talk about the influence of music in their lives. Also, footage is used to foster dialogue between generations about commonalities. Forming connections created by finding common language of Hope in the music.

Community Benefits

  • Increase in social wellness
  • Decrease in social isolation
  • Reduced hermetic lifestyle in seniors
  • Reduced “bunkerism” for youth (over-indulgence in virtual reality)
  • Increased support network which decreases risk factors
  • Increase appreciation for diverse musical performances
  • Increase in cross-cultural awareness
  • Increase in understanding and respect between generations
  • Create a moment in time where the entire family can experience entertainment together
  • Creating new fans